Transcript of Chat with Cybermum_India | April 10 2012

Q. My question is very basic – how do you monitor internet usage for children?

A. Use good security software that will let you monitor your child’s online activities without infringing on their privacy. Any good security software will offer parental control feature. U can use it block certain sites, control internet timings

Q. Most of class mates of my 12yr old kiddo are having Facebook account I am still holding her. What say??

A. Thumbs up to you! Tell her, “Your dad doesn’t believe in breaking laws.” It’s not permitted b4 13 & it’s not safe either

Q. how does one keep track of online activities? What kind of cyber security should be in place?

A. If you use advanced security software, you’ll find amazing features 2 monitor kids online. Check here

Q. How to identify about the online predators?

A. Don’t allow kids to befriend anyone online whom you don’t know in person. Ignore mails, friend requests from strangers…

Q. I think the schools should play a bigger role in a child’s internet evolution

A. But like all education, home is the 1st teaching ground. Parents & schools must work together to keep kids safe online

Q. How can v avoid giving our personal details i.e. phone number, etc…? To a chat friend on a online CHAT

A. Kids should not go 2 chat rooms .If they do, use parental control to get alerts if they share personal details. Also remember people on chat are seldom what they profess to be. So a pretty 17 year old might be a 45 year old man

Q. What are the pitfalls of allowing an 11 year old to surf the net on her own? What kind of dangers can she face?

A. Cyber bullying on FB, online pedophiles, sites where kids have 2 post pictures or share details, sexually explicit content

Q. How does one ensure safe net surfing for children? What all should one try and restrict?

A. Allow kids to research projects, play games on safe sites, discover facts. Use safe sites like Kid Browser 1.1, Ask for Kids

Q. What about all the music videos… whose monitoring them

A. There is monitoring agencies but still cyber criminals are too many to control. Your safety is in your own hands

Q. My daughter is 11. 90% of her classmates are on Facebook. I have put a curtain ban on social media profiles as of now. I have long discussions. She is also an obedient child who understands restrictions. At times I feel guilty.

A. You r going in the right direction. Don’t make it sound like an imposition though. Talk to her; explain your concern, laws

Q. so basically the computer needs to be in the ‘common’ area with an adult in the periphery checking in even on ‘safe’ sites?

A. That’s the basic rule. But you can’t be hovering over their shoulders all the time. It’s easy to change screens, close links

Q. Could we go back to the good old days of dialup lines for our children? Bandwidth restriction

A. Restriction is not a good solution. Teaching, discussing n creating awareness is imp.

Q. so it does come down to telling kids how to identify trouble themselves. Even w/ safety filters, porn & violence comes thru

A.  Good security software can give you almost 99% protection today. But parental supervision is needed to ensure safety. I’ve found that with McAfee total protection software, u can block sites by keywords like violence or sex etc…

Q. Are there any stats on cybercrimes in India that affect children?

A. As per McAfee Synovate Study 2011, 12% of 500 kids have been victims of either cyber hacking/ fraud/identity threat/stalking &…

Q. curtain ban on FB profile/Twitter etc for her is not a tyrannical move. She writes her own blog. Which I am wary about! Still trying to find a “how much is just enough” middle ground for her.

A. That is the crux of parenting :-)…finding the right limit. But if you are close to your kids & there is trust it’ll be easy. Your type is the genre of Moms required today who will not impose a curtain ban on the net but allow kids to gain from it.

  • Also there are sites that masquerade as kids’ games sites but then throw up quite objectionable content. E.g.
  • There’re also genuine sites that are used by hackers to gain CC info from kids who want 2 buy gaming products online
  • What I do & it works: keep the comp, preferably a large screen (i use as iMac) in the living room. no laptops