CSAAM Poll Results

Do you think CSA exists as a problem in India?

98% of the people said yes it does exist as a problem

What percentage of kids do you think are sexually abused in India?

50% of the people said its greater than 50% and almost 25% said its around 80%

Do you discuss the CSA topic freely with friends and family?

45% said Yes they discuss CSA freely with family and friends, 16% said no they don’t and 39% answered other and in which most responses were with close friends

If you think we don’t discuss CSA freely, what do u think is the reason behind it?

Most people think that society is not open to talking about it

Are you aware of the legal course one can take in the unfortunate incident of CSA occurrence

Only a small percentage of 14% said yes they are aware of the legal course, 39% said they are not aware at all and 21% are somewhat aware

Do you think the current law situation in India is sufficient to deal with CSA?

84% of people who took the survey think the laws in India are not sufficient for dealing with CSA

How important is according to you to spread awareness on CSA?

The responses ranged for saying its critical to very important. We are glad

What do you think is the correct age to talk to kids about safe/unsafe touch?

Most of the people think 3 is a good age to start talking to kids about the the same

Do you think your child’s school sufficiently understands CSA as a problem and take necessary precautions to prevent it

Sadly majority of the people think that schools don’t pay enough attention to CSA

Did you participate in the CSAAM?

Are you a CSA survivor?

61% of the respondents were CSA survivors

If yes, then CSAAM help you in any way?

It has helped some with sharing their stories and realising they are not alone and some said they already have support, we are glad

What part of the CSAAM campaign did you like the best?

Did you recommend CSA blog to others.

95% of people recommended the CSA blog to others. we are honoured

Would you like to see more such initiatives?

A majority of 93% people think that we should do more such campaigns

If yes, please suggest issues worth tackling?

A lot of issues came up see the attached pdf for details

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